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Concrete production, concrete delivery

Concrete production.

The company  TransStroy-M has been producing concrete for many years. Constant modernization of production, the use of modern technologies have allowed us to achieve excellent results in the production of this material, which is extremely necessary in construction. Based on the client's request, we can produce it both on the basis of gravel and granite. The strength and durability of structures depends on the quality of concrete. Depending on its properties, concrete is divided into classes or grades:


  • Heavy-duty, movable (P).


  • Waterproof (W).


  • Frost resistant (F).


How to deliver the finished material to the object?

The company has at its disposal a fleet of modern, reliable mixers capable of delivering concrete to the construction site without loss, while maintaining its viscosity and integrity. Having bought any brand of concrete from us, you can be sure of its timely delivery to the construction site according to a pre-agreed schedule. The concrete delivered by mixers is the most reliable way of delivery in modern conditions. The advantages of such delivery are that the concrete is ready for use immediately after its production.

Where are concrete products used?

Today, not a single building is complete without concrete. Its scope is very wide and varied:


  • Construction of hydraulic structures.


  • Pouring foundations for high-rise buildings.


  • Skyscraper construction.


  • Construction of industrial buildings.


Some specialized grades of concrete can completely contain radioactive releases.


The advantages of concrete products in their durability and strength. Every year, a well-made product will become stronger, stronger and more reliable. Today, concrete is number one in the construction of large structures.

GOST 7473-94

Currently, GOST 7473-94 is used. Each batch of concrete is assigned a certain grade, according to which the properties of concrete are taken into account. The use of concrete in construction is determined by its properties. Marking is carried out in the same way using letters and numbers from M100 to M1000. Numerical values determine the quantitative ratio of cement to concrete mix. The higher the number, the stronger the concrete.

Each grade has its own areas of application in civil engineering, the most common are grades M 200, M 300. When designing large objects, complex structures, the design documentation must indicate the brand of concrete required for the construction of such a structure. If the parameters are respected, the constructed object can stand indefinitely. Having bought concrete from us, you can be sure of its quality.

Concrete plant in Krasnogorsk

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