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Why in a month you will recommend us as a reliable partner

1. Delivery within the agreed time

We will coordinate with you a convenient delivery time and provide concrete on time.


2. Factory control

The presence of video surveillance, weight control and GPS tracking of concrete mixers virtually eliminates the possibility of underloading mixers. Honesty and integrity of management.


3. Experience

For 7 years we have formed a friendly, close-knit team. The process is organized in such a way that we do our job perfectly.


4. Affordable price

We are a manufacturer - the price of our products is acceptable and competitive way.


5. Concrete in installments

We sell concrete in installments, but only to decent construction companies.


6. Quality assurance

We give a guarantee for all concrete mixtures and mortars produced in our factory


7. High production capacity

Our new switchgear, Elkomix brand, with a capacity of 140 cubic meters per hour, will be able to provide your facility with concrete in any quantity.


8. We are always there

We work around the clock and seven days a week.

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