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Is it profitable to use concrete

Concrete is the most popular building material in the world. Due to the high strength characteristics, versatility of use, ease of manufacture and low cost, elements of concrete structures have gained popularity as a durable and solid building material.

The service life of concrete structures is 50 - 150 years, it all depends on the type of construction, the quality of raw materials and technology. The durability of a building structure largely depends on the operating conditions. Unfortunately, concrete, for all its properties, is also susceptible to the destructive influence of natural precipitation, temperature differences, corrosion, surface loads and deformation.

Concrete's trump cards over similar building materials:


  •          изготовление конструкций любых заданных конфигураций;


  •          сырье, применяемое для замеса смеси differs in budgetary cost and prevalence, which also cancels most of the transport costs;


  •           технология изготовления бетонной смеси несложна and even a novice builder can do it;


  •         механизированный техпроцесс производства бетона позволяет выполнять задания значительного масштаба;


  •        различные добавки позволят внести корректировки технологического процесса и придают бетонным смесям нужные характеристики (увеличение strength, plasticity and water resistance);


  •         армированный железом бетон — распространенный, качественный материал при сооружении квартир и промышленных объектов .


The quality of finished concrete structures is interconnected with the quality of raw materials for concrete. The physical features of crushed stone, gravel, brand of cement, sustained proportions of water - this is the secret of optimal concrete. The scale of dividing concrete according to various grades determines the reliability of use in a variety of conditions and diverse climates. Also, concrete has water resistance, and this expands the scope of its application.

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