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Company "TransStroy-M" building goods and services

Low price

High quality

Flexible approach to clients

Uninterrupted supply of products

Round-the-clock operation

TransStroy-M is a transport and manufacturing company that provides a range of services for organizations and individuals. We have been working in the manufacturing sector for many years, providing our customers with high-quality building materials and services. Since 2007, the TransStroy-M plant has been performing concrete production of different brands, allowing customers to order extra light, light, heavy and extra heavy concrete.

TransStroy-M operates delivery of sand and gravel. There are different types of sand available: quarry, seeded, river, washed, etc. Crushed stone of different types is presented separately: granite, limestone and gravel. Materials are sorted before sale.

An important place in the company is occupied by special equipment. The most common service is  special equipment rental. In TransStroy-M, you can rent special equipment for various purposes: from an excavator to a truck crane. Клиенты могут заказать земляные работы, которые включают в себя рытье котлована, рытье траншей и последующий вывоз грунта с объекта. Вывоз снега и строительного мусора_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_company performs on an ongoing basis or on individual orders.

Concrete plant "TransStroy-M" in Krasnogorsk

Our concrete plant has been producing concrete since 2007. The production base is equipped with modern equipment, which is constantly updated and modernized. The combination of modern equipment and the experience of our employees has allowed us to achieve excellent results. We offer buy quality concrete at low prices. We work without intermediaries, therefore buy concrete in TransStroy-M, such as-57cc-M is an excellent solution for both private individuals and for19. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Concrete in Krasnogorsk and the Krasnogorsk region from our company has long been popular because of its high quality and low price. All products are certified, so when contacting our company you do not have to worry about the result.

Rent of special equipment

В нашей компании вы можете арендовать спецтехнику разного назначения: самосвалы, современные экскаваторы, надёжные автокраны и многое другое. Our manipulators and concrete pumps are very popular.

We have a large fleet of modern and reliable special equipment at our disposal. All machines undergo regular maintenance. Any breakdowns are promptly eliminated, so you can be sure that you will receive serviceable equipment in perfect condition. Special equipment is classified by carrying capacity, capacity and other parameters. To choose the right option, you can contact our consultants for help.

Delivery of soil, sand and gravel

Благодаря нашей компании купить такие материалы, как песок, щебень или_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ground  made it easy. We work directly with large and small suppliers, which allows us to set low prices for the products we sell. . We work quickly and do not allow delays in work.

Sand is subdivided into quarry, seeded, river and washed, crushed stone - into granite, limestone and gravel. You can order materials of all these types right now by calling our company.

Digging a pit with the removal of soil

Digging a pit is necessary at the initial stage of construction of any structure, be it a house or a bathhouse. Also in demand in our company digging trenches. These works are carried out by experienced workers using modern special equipment. That is why all our work has a perfect result.

Digging of pits and trenches is carried out in accordance with all standards. The work is carried out in several stages, and after their completion,  removal and disposal of soil is provided. Our clients take a minimal part in the work. All you need is to indicate the coordinates of the object, accept and pay for the work. We will take care of all organizational and operational issues. In the process of work, various special equipment is used: excavators for digging a pit, bulldozers for cleaning soil and dump trucks for removing soil outside the facility.

Snow cleaning and removal

Another popular and one of the simplest services of our company. If you want to clear a certain area or road from snow, but do not have enough time or the appropriate equipment, please contact us. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_обеспечивается нашими мощными экскаваторами, а вывоз — крупными самосвалами. 

The price of our services is quite low. We perform work both on a contractual (permanent) basis, and individually.

Whatever service you use, TransStroy-M will perform its work with high quality and within the agreed time.

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