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Rent of a full-circle (caterpillar) excavator in Krasnogorsk


11000 р/см


3000 р/см.

Экскаватор-погрузчик (JCB 4CX, new holland B115B)

от 10000 р/см.

Экскаватор гусеничный

15000 р/см.

Экскаватор колесный

16000 р/см.

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Гусеничный экскаватор ZAXIS 210 H

Гусеничный экскаватор ZAXIS 210 H

Rent of a caterpillar excavator in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra, Moscow.

Modern construction work is increasingly large-scale. Building a house or a large store requires major earthworks. Move a large amount of land manually. It is inefficient, expensive, time consuming. Building contractors mainly userental of caterpillar excavators for digging pits for a large building. This practice makes it possible to save significant funds on the maintenance of the fleet, training of specialists, and repairs. And so on. Auxiliary vehicle rental companies allow large construction corporations tominimize your costs. This practice suits everyone. Builders save money while gettingqualitativelywork done inminimum rows. A company that rents a crawler excavator gets the opportunity to make good money by having constant orders for excavation.

What is a crawler excavator.

Earth-moving vehicles on caterpillar tracks. Due to its technical capabilities, such a machine easily moves on loose, loose, wet surfaces. Can overcome a small ditch or ravine. This type of excavator is significantly superior to its wheeled brother in terms of stability and the ability to overcome obstacles.Main characteristicsleased JCB JS220 crawler excavator


  •  172: strong diesel engine running on four cylinders. It has enough power to run the machine. It has a reduced level of noise and vibration.


  • A 390-liter tank makes it possible to work without refueling for a long time.


  • The bucket can be from 0.4 to 41.19 cubic meters.

The company Trans Stroy-M, which providesrent crawler excavators in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra,Moscow, has a large selection of different equipment. She is in excellent condition. Cabins are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation. A convenient overview allows you to carry out work of any complexity with the same high quality. The machines use the latest engineering developments in their work, which significantly increases their service life and facilitates service maintenance. Convenient control levers, adjustable seat make the work of an excavator comfortable, which affects the speed and quality of work performed.

How to rent a crawler excavator.

You can apply on the company's website. The manager will immediately contact the client and the specialist will go to the customer's address to discuss the scope of work, payment method and terms on the spot. After signing the contract, the equipment, together with a qualified excavator operator, will be at the disposal of the client. The company always goes to meet the client in solving any of the most complex tasks. You can get any construction transport necessary for the work. The form of payment is convenient for the customer. There is a system of discounts, bonuses and benefits for regular customers. Turning to our company for help, any construction organization will have at its disposal not only transport, but also many years of experience, high qualifications, decency and reliability of all specialists working for the company.

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