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Rent of a truck-mounted concrete pump in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and Istra districts

16000 р/см.

Дальность подачи 22 м 
Объем подачи бетона 90 м3/час 
Площадка 4 x 5 м 

Автобетононасос (длина стрелы 22 М)

19000 р/см.

Дальность подачи 36 м 
Объем подачи бетона 160 м3/час 
Площадка 8 x 8 м 

Бетононасос (длина стелы 36 м)

27000 р/см.


CIFA M 42 
Дальность подачи 42 м 
Объем подачи бетона 140 м3/час 
Площадка 10 x 10 м 

Бетононасос (длина стрелы 42 м)



CIFA M 56 
Дальность подачи 56 м 
Объем подачи бетона 180 м3/час 
Площадка 12 x 12 м 

Бетононасос (длина стрелы 56м)


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Renting a concrete pump truck allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of a special unit for supplying concrete over a distance at a reasonable price without the need to purchase it. This is a fairly relevant occasion for those who need to pour concrete structures once: during the construction of a country house in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra, for example. The mechanism of operation of the unit is based on the antiphase operation of two piston elements: one sucks the concrete mass from the receiving hopper, and the other ensures its pumping into the pipes. At the same time, care should be taken in advance about the absence of power lines and trees in the path of the boom layout, so as not to create additional obstacles to work.



 Concrete pump rental: selection rules and nuances of use


 1.Arrow length

 The span of the boom dimensions falls on the length range from 15 to 62 meters, the standard minimum length is 22-36 meters. This parameter when renting a concrete pump is valid for the vertical position of the element, taking into account a possible error of 1 meter. The horizontal value, as a rule, is 4 meters less. On the manufacturers' websites, you can check the dimensions of the unit from the companies CIFA, Zoomlion, Mecbo, Putzmeister.


2.Working time

 As a rule, when setting the rental price for one working shift, its eight-hour duration is taken into account. At the same time, 1 hour is spent on starting procedures and 7 hours are taken directly by the supply of concrete to the required place. The road to Krasogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra and back is included in the cost of the shift.


3.Pump start

 The rental of a concrete pump truck begins with the start of the unit using cement laitance or a special starting mixture, which create an enveloping film that prevents clogging of pipes.


4.Fill speed

 Very often, users are interested in such a parameter as the speed of pouring concrete using a unit. At the same time, it should be taken into account that this parameter in reality may differ from the nominal one due to the low speed of the work team producing concrete for pouring, as well as insufficient feed speed from the mixer itself. In Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra, machines are used with a filling speed of 30 to 90 cubic meters per hour.


5.Concrete laying interval

 When renting a concrete pump truck, downtime should be avoided so that you do not have to start the procedure for starting the unit again. This factor is the leading one in determining the interval between the supply of batches of concrete. An experienced work team is capable of producing one machine for 7 cubic meters in a quarter of an hour. The time it takes to load and will become the natural interval that is allowed in the operation of the pump.


6.concrete requirements

 The determining parameter in the implementation of work in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra is not so much the brand of concrete as its mobility. At the same time, manufacturers often indicate for their power units that allow pumping concrete mixtures with P2 mobility without problems, while in practice it is recommended to use P4 mixtures.


7.Supply of expanded clay concrete

 The use of expanded clay concrete will require additional construction machines: a crane or an excavator. In any case, this increases the loading time of the machines, which should be taken into account and discussed with the supplier when renting a concrete pump truck.


8.Order term for renting a concrete pump truck

 The minimum period is two days, but in practice it is better to be guided by the principle: "the sooner the better"



Rent concrete pump Scania 36 meters

An object:

Odintsovo district, Odintsovo, Skolkovskaya street, 5B 2016

заливка бетона.jpg


Rent concrete pump Scania 36 meters

An object:

Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, st. Postal "Vianor"



Rent of a concrete pump KAMAZ

24 meters

An object:

Sadovaya street, 62, Putilkovo village, Krasnogorsk urban district, Moscow region 2017

бетононасос 36 м.jpg


Rent concrete pump Scania 36 meters

An object:

Lenin street, vl79, Pavlovskaya Sloboda village, Istra urban district, Moscow region 2022

The process of creating a new Putzmeister concrete pump truck

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