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Rental of construction equipment

in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and Istra districts


Rent of special equipment

Special equipment is needed to perform various types of work in construction, in the arrangement of the territory, installation of communications. The use of specialized machines allows you to complete tasks better and faster. But for small companies it is unprofitable to keep special equipment in their fleet. If a specialized machine is needed for one-time work, then it is much more profitable to rent it. 


Our company offers services of special equipment for carrying out high-rise, land, loading works. With us you can always rent reliable cars on favorable terms. We offer aerial platform services for the repair of power lines, facade work. If you need vehicles for loading and transporting oversized and oversized cargo, our company will be able to provide you with special equipment that meets your needs. You can rent a dump truck, a tow truck, a Kamaz crane-board, an excavator, a loader, a manipulator and other special equipment from us. Cooperation with our company will allow you to save on the purchase and maintenance of specialized machines and achieve excellent results in solving various problems.

Аренда манипулятора
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