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Rent a truck crane in Krasnogorsk and the Krasnogorsk region

Автокраны Ивановец 16 тонн, длина стрелы 18м

9000 р/см.

Автокран маз машека 25 тонн, длина стрелы 28 метров

13000 р/см.

Автокран камаз ивановец 25тонн, длина стрелы 32 метров

15000 р/см.

Автокран камаз галичанин 32 тонн, длина стрелы 30,7 метров

16000 р/см.

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Аренда автокрана Красногорск

Аренда автокрана Красногорск

Автокран Красногорск

Автокран Красногорск

Автокран в Красногорске

Автокран в Красногорске

Аренда автокран в Красногорске и Красногорском районе (16-50)т

Кран Красногорск

Кран Красногорск

Аренда автокрана (16-50)т. в Одинцово и Одинцовском районе

Аренда автокрана Одинцово

Аренда автокрана Одинцово

Аренда автокранов (16-50)т в Истре и Истринском районе

No construction site is complete without the use of special equipment. The exceptional combination of transport and lifting components makes cranes a real must-have for any construction or renovation company. However, the maintenance of such equipment requires a special approach and additional costs, so entrust this care to professionals.


The TransStroy-M company will be happy to provide you with truck cranes for rent in Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra at the best price. Renting a truck crane is an effective way to provide yourself with modern lifting equipment in a timely manner.


 We quickly and efficiently carry out auto loading works of any complexity, at various distances at affordable prices. Wide choice of truck cranes of various loading capacity.


Own car service of the company, respectively - special attention to the maintenance, maintenance and repair of special equipment of the fleet.


 Using our company's truck crane lifting machines will ensure you timely delivery of high-quality work with the least investment.


Advantages when ordering a truck crane from Trans Stroy M


Consultation of the best experts on the timing of the order and the types of equipment used in accordance with all customer requirements. Fast application process, the highest quality of work performed. We work in the regions: Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra.


 Our fleet offers a wide range of construction equipment for rent of various models of leading domestic brands (MAZ, Ural, KAMAZ and MZKT with boom length from 14 to 35 + 15 meters). Technical characteristics of TransStroy-M truck cranes: with a lifting capacity of 14, 16, 25, 32, 40 and 50 tons.


All equipment undergoes a special inspection in a timely manner and meets all technical requirements for use. Each truck crane has the proper components to ensure safe operation.


The cost of renting a truck crane in Krasnogorsk


We have the bestcar rental prices.

 Crane rental pricedependsfromload capacitymachines andtimeuse of the truck crane, the minimum order is 4 hours. The transfer across the Krasnogorsk region is free.


 At the time of ordering the rental of equipment, the organization provides full maintenance of the machine. As well as accompaniment of a qualified operator (driver) of our company, which will allow us to evaluate the maneuverability of the truck crane and complete the task as scheduled. Before starting work, we refuel automobile cranes with fuel and lubricants (POL).


 Our work is our name, so we perform any task with full responsibility and dedication.  

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