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Long-term rental of KAMAZ trucks in Moscow or the Moscow region

KAMAZ rental with a driver, price

KAMAZ is a specialized vehicle of various carrying capacities and is represented by a large model range: flatbed, tilt, dump trucks, grain carriers, tractors, buses. These vehicles have proven themselves as excellent helpers on construction sites, farming, road construction and many other industries. Not everyone can afford to buy KAMAZ, even a fairly successful entrepreneur or state enterprise. Maintenance of such equipment is also not cheap. Therefore, it is more advisable to take special equipment  for a long-term lease. When ordering special equipment at rent , you can not only save your budget, but also save yourself the hassle of machine maintenance. Also, the rental of heavy vehicles does not require their constant presence at the construction site or other facility. If necessary, you can rent a KAMAZ car with a driver. This is an additional advantage, as we only provide services of experienced and professional drivers of a special category. They will efficiently carry out the transportation of your goods across Moscow and the Moscow region, they know the car they work on very well. This service will allow you to avoid the cost of additional hiring of drivers to work on rented equipment.

Rent a dump truck

One of our advantageous offers is the rental of KAMAZ dump trucks. This model is in great demand. The dump truck allows not only to transport large loads over various distances without problems, but also to unload it without resorting to the help of loaders, while saving time and money. More often, construction companies use the services of dump trucks to transport and unload bulk materials, such as construction waste, crushed stone, soil, sand, etc. Also, these cars have high cross-country ability on dirt roads, wetlands and adaptability to the Russian climate.

Required load capacity;

Ways of unloading (side, back);

Body structures (platform, sliding platform);

Types of work (construction, off-road country work, mining).

Long-term lease dump truck is a good and profitable investment for your company.

Rent a dump truck 20 cubic meters

A lot of equipment is used in the construction and municipal sectors. Dump truck 20 cubes is the most popular. Its main advantage among trucks is independent unloading of transported materials. Thanks to the body volume of 20 cubic meters (20 tons, 25 tons), loading, unloading and time savings are ensured even on the most unsuitable sites. Engine power, high transportation speed, low fuel consumption and good body volume of KAMAZ dump trucks are positive characteristics when choosing special equipment for rent at a bargain price.

Rent a dump truck 25 and 30 cubic meters

Moscow and the Moscow region offers a large number of transport companies that provide long-term rental of trucks. We know what competition is and we try to take into account all the wishes of customers, to rent only high-quality equipment for long periods. If you need to rent a dump truck of 25 or 30 cubic meters for the transportation of bulk materials around the city and region, then our company will provide a car that meets your requirements and has passed a technical inspection. If necessary, we provide the services of a driver with experience. Cars of this model are universal and are in demand among customers. Rental of dump trucks with this load capacity completely fulfills each cube loaded into it. Thus, dump trucks KAMAZ 25 cubes can be called the most promising.

The settlement system of our transport company offers to take long-term rental of KAMAZ trucks with drivers at a reasonable price. Price for renting a dump truck depends on its carrying capacity, body volume and rental period. Услуги водителя входят в общую цену проката спецтехники. The minimum rental period is one month. We cooperate with both large companies and small private entrepreneurs. We will be happy to help!

аренда самосвала 25 кубов
аренда тонара в Москве
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