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Rent of a manipulator in Krasnogorsk, Odintso and Istra districts

манипулятор Красногорск

from 8 000 rub.

Transportation of goods by manipulator - saving time and money


 Every day, many people and organizations need to transport some kind of cargo. If you need to perform an office or apartment move, delivery of a small consignment of goods, then finding a carrier is not difficult. It is much more difficult when it comes to the transportation of bulky cargo, which requires not only heavy vehicles, but also special equipment with a team of loaders to perform loading and unloading operations. However, this problem can be solved with less financial and time costs. It is enough to contact a transport company that delivers bulky goods using vehicles equipped with a hydraulic manipulator.

Main cities where we work; Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra, Zvenigorod.

By choosing to transport goods by a manipulator, the client receives a car plus a crane with a large load capacity, which can be operated by one person. A mechanical hand capable of manipulating and performing complex actions in a limited space of a terminal (warehouse, hangar) will replace a dozen human ones. Functionality is not limited to the transportation of bulky, non-standard things (containers, furniture, trees), transportation of equipment for various applications. The area of use of the manipulator is much wider: the construction of prefabricated structures, pavilions, garages, transportation of seedlings and other goods, the delivery of which requires the involvement of additional special equipment. Hydraulic manipulators are in great demand when it comes to the transportation of goods by several modes of transport. It is very costly and time-consuming to carry out transshipment of large equipment or shipping containers from one vehicle to another without a manipulator.

 When contacting a transport company, the client can be sure that the equipment will be selected to fulfill the order, which will allow the transportation to be carried out as efficiently and safely as possible. For delivery, a manipulator can be selected that is capable of lifting loads up to 7 tons. It is agile and lightweight. For objects weighing more than 25 tons, manipulators mounted on large and super-heavy trucks are used. This equipment is characterized by mobility, an arrow shot in this case can reach 20 meters.

 A distinctive feature of manipulator machines is their excellent stability, which is achieved through supports, which prevents the vehicle from tilting during loading operations, even if the load is very heavy. Almost all manipulators have gripping devices that greatly simplify the process of loading and unloading.

 Using a loader crane allows you to solve many problems, saving both time and money for the customer.

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