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Sand and gravel mixture PGS, OPGS - description delivery to Krasnogorsk and Krasnogorsk region

PGS occurs in numerous deposits of our country. In the construction market, the sand and gravel mixture, among other materials, occupies a leading position. Its production volumes are superior to other rocks. Due to its low price, PGS is widely used at construction sites, and Krasnogorsk and the Krasnogorsk region are no exception. It is delivered to construction sites by dump trucks: KAMAZ, Maz, Mercedes-Benz (10,12,15, 20). For each order, a truck is selected with the required carrying capacity.

Many operations require enriched ASG. (OPGS)

In this case, the extracted mixture is enriched by the addition of gravel, the percentage composition of which should exceed the sand component. The most popular type of OPGS is a product that has 70% gravel and thirty percent sand. These proportions of this building material are considered correct for creating a primary layer of platforms that will not allow shrinkage under high loads.
PGS is a granular material necessary for performing work on leveling territories, building roads, and forming drainage layers. PGS is used for backfilling pits in the process of repairing communications.
A mixture of gravel and sand is mined in quarries, in each of which the layers of the deposit are characterized by a different gravel composition, and hence the proportions of the AGM components. Usually, in the seized raw material, the gravel component is ten or twenty percent of the total volume of the material. In some layers of quarries near Moscow, a mixture with 35 percent gravel is found. The percentage composition of the gravel component is essential. The cost of PGS also depends on it. The acceptable minimum value for the presence of gravel is 5%.


ПГС        - от 1200 р/м3

OPGS     - from 1700 r/m3

ПГС в Красогорске
ОПГС в Красногорске

The size of the gravel grains also differs everywhere.

Pebbles can be 5 mm and above. Sometimes they reach one hundred and twenty millimeters. According to the standard, gravel fractions in sand and gravel material should have sizes from five to forty millimeters. It is easy to achieve these parameters. To do this, the mixture is sieved. Certain requirements are imposed on any building raw material. For the use of PGS in a particular operation, there is also a GOST. To achieve the required standard values, it is necessary to add crushed stone or sand to the material mined in a quarry. The strength of the structure is influenced by the composition of the mixture and the content of impurities in this product. Such inclusions can be clay substances and other pollutants. According to the clay standards, ASG should not contain more than 1%.

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