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Earthworks (digging pit, digging trenches) in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and Istra

Stage of excavation
Этап выполнения земляных работ

Our company mainly operates in the Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and Istra districts.

In the process of any construction or repair of the road surface, as well as territorial improvement and landscape formation, there is a need for earthworks associated with excavation, movement and processing, compaction and laying of the soil layer.


 These works are a complex and labor-intensive process, including organizational issues for removing unsuitable soil from the construction site, excavation using construction machines and mechanisms or manually.



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Stage of organization of preparatory work  


When choosing the preferred technology for earthworks, it is customary to be guided by indicators of the characteristics of the soils that will be developed.


 After removing unnecessary components from the work area, including waste generated as a result of the preparatory stage (ground inclusions, stones, logging residues, uprooted stumps and root system), an expert assessment of the territory is carried out, including sampling of earthen rock from deep holes. Such surveys are aimed at determining the soil composition, finding out the depth of groundwater flow.


 At the end of the survey procedures, a project for the production of work is developed with clarification of the optimal technological regime for the removal and removal of soil.


 If there is a high water table or floaters, and the soil is unstable, then the use of construction machines is not possible. Then they prefer manual development.

Этапы подготовительных работ
Soil development


 The meaning of soil development is to open up surface layers with subsequent removal and disposal of soil. The soil is developed with the participation of specialized construction machines or by hand. Such construction machines include earth-moving equipment, including excavators with one or more working buckets, tractor equipment, graders and other mechanisms. The process of removing soil by technical means seems to be more profitable due to saving time and money.


 Manual excavation is the digging of a hole in a stepped way with the participation of earthmoving teams armed with shovels and carts. Such an operation is very costly. It comes to the rescue in those places with complex geological conditions, where the use of construction machines is prohibited.

Разработка грунта


An integral component in the process of soil development is the digging of pits. This operation is the basis of any construction. It requires a high level of responsibility and an understanding of technology. The pit is a ground excavation that serves as the basis for the start of foundation work. The erected foundation plays the role of the foundation for the future object. The speed and accuracy of the implementation of the construction of the facility as a whole depends on the quality of the work process and the time period allotted for its implementation.


 Work sequence:


 · Geodetic preparation aimed at clarifying ground features, including its density and saturation with groundwater. The construction area is marked out by means of dimensional and in-depth planning of the pit;

 · Performing the main work step, which includes the formation of pits using construction machines, which can be heavy or have small dimensions;

 · The stage of removal and disposal of soil from the construction site, leaving part of it for reuse when backfilling.

Рытье котлоавана

Рытье котлована

от 50 руб/м3

Вывоз грунта

от 250 руб/м3

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trench digging


Digging trenches is a type of earthwork. They are needed when laying engineering networks, including gas pipelines, water pipes and cable lines for power supply and communication.


 We offer trenching works using construction machines and mechanisms or manually. The geography of the work covers Moscow and the Moscow region, including such cities near Moscow as Istra, Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk.

Рытье траншей
A set of works on vertical planning


   These works are aimed at the relief transformation of the surrounding landscape. Through their use, the surface is leveled, hills, bumpy formations with irregularities are torn off, and recesses are filled up.


 The vertical leveling work also addresses the issues of surface and sedimentary water diversion from the site involved.


 The vertical profile of the site is decisive in the nature of the direction of wastewater into the sewerage system. Vertical planning is necessary to prepare the building site for the start of development work. In this case, the landscape is smoothed to a given horizontal surface.


 Vertical planning is an inevitable process that accompanies construction, due to the impossibility of actually finding areas with natural relief. It is labor intensive and requires the use of specialized construction machines.


 Our company has a material and technical base that allows us to perform this type of work with maximum speed and quality. In some cases, manual excavation is practiced.

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Soil removal and disposal


 In addition to earthworks, the company's specialists resolve issues related to the removal of soil from construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region, including the cities of Istra, Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk, and its disposal with the completion of the necessary formalities.


 We will determine the optimal scheme for the removal and disposal of unsuitable soil, which will save you from the need for additional investments and time costs.

Вывоз и утилизация грунта
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