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Rent excavator-loader in the Krasnogorsk region inexpensively

 Renting an excavator loader in Krasnogorsk is a great alternative to buying equipment as a property. For many construction companies, the use of heavy equipment is a prerequisite for success. It is possible to buy equipment in the property, but it is not always unprofitable. If this type of work is temporary, then the best option would be to rent an excavator, St. Petersburg has long used such services.
 For an affordable price, you get all the advantages of excavators and at the same time get rid of the problems that owners of equipment often face. After all, equipment requires care, repair, staff salaries and storage space for machines. 
 By renting an excavator loader at TransStroy-M, you will forget what downtime and problems with low-quality machines are. You can choose any model of machines that will be most useful. We offer you equipment from manufacturers with well-known names. All mechanisms are checked for serviceability and reliability before entering the fleet. 
 This suggests that cooperating with us, you will receive modern, functional and reliable equipment at affordable prices. We make sure that you can realize your plans at the time you have scheduled it. 

What excavators can be rented in the Krasnogorsk region


To perform earthworks in the Krasnogorsk region, you can order the following types of excavators:

  • JCB 3CX Super (four cylinders, static load - up to 25,000 kg, unloading height - 2.64 m);

  • JCB 4CX (same, with a dump height of 2.69 m);

  • New Holland B110 or New Holland B115 with 82 kW).


To clarify the technical details of specialized equipment for rent, and user parameters, taking into account which the order is placed, you can contact the company's managers.

How can an excavator help you?


Such functional specialized self-propelled equipment as a caterpillar excavator will help to carry out:

  • digging trenches with a width of 300 mm or more (the excavator is selected depending on the type of equipment chosen, hardness, as well as other characteristics of the soil being excavated);

  • loading and unloading heavy loads (you should choose an excavator according to the carrying capacity and nature of the load, for example, for bulk materials, construction debris, and so on);

  • site planning (includes digging pits, installing rings for wells, cutting trees, including removing stumps);

  • expansion and excavation of earth channels;

  • loading garbage into a container;

  • installation of road slabs;

  • demolition of houses, including the destruction of concrete structures and other elements of the building.


In addition to the above, the excavators of the organization have almost unlimited possibilities. They are used in areas such as private, industrial, road construction and are suitable for other earthworks, loading / unloading.

What to consider when ordering an excavator


When drawing up a lease agreement, it should be taken into account that the weight of the excavator is 7-8 tons, and its average dimensions are as follows: width 2.36 m, height - 3.03 m. You should also pay attention to the order time: you need to choose a daily period for work to avoid complaints from neighbors. If the excavator is contaminated after the work carried out, the customer is obliged to ensure the cleanliness of the special equipment when leaving the facility.

What does it mean to rent an excavator for a shift? Minimum order


When renting an excavator at the transport and production company Trans Stroy-M LLC, the customer needs to take into account that the shift is 8 working hours, it includes 1 hour of lunch. If special equipment is needed for a short period of time, a minimum order is issued, then the rental lasts from 4 hours, and the conditions are negotiated with the manager separately.



We, as a well-coordinated team of Trans Stroy-M LLC, guarantee the timely supply of special equipment. That is why only here you will find high-quality excavators and specialists who will conscientiously perform the work.

How to rent an excavator in Krasnogorsk


In order to regulate the flow of orders and draw up a schedule of excavator equipment that is convenient for everyone, orders are accepted a day in advance, in some cases it can be ordered in 1 hour. To do this, you need to call the contact number or send a request to e-mail. mail of our organization.

In which settlements of the Krasnogorsk region, it is problematic to order an excavator


An excavator is a type of earth-moving machine with a bucket. With the help of this special equipment, the development of soils and the loading of bulk materials are carried out. For some areas of the Krasnogorsk region it is difficult to order an excavator, but not in our company. Our company operates throughout the Krasnogorsk region (Ilyinskoye, Dmitrovskoye, Petrovo-Far, Glukhovo, Nikolo-Uryupino, Pozdnyakovo, Buzlanovo, Arkhangelskoye, Nakhabino, Mitino, Opalikha, Pavlovskaya Slobodaetc.)


Remember! The excavator cannot enter the main road, therefore, for settlements where entry is only from the main road, difficulties may arise.

Backhoe loader vs excavator. What is more profitable?

Экскаватор погрузчик

Экскаватор погрузчик

Экскаватор в Красногорске

Экскаватор в Красногорске

Аренда экскаватора в Красногорске и Красногорском районе

Экскаватор Оинцово

Экскаватор Оинцово

Аренда экскаватора в Одинцове и Одинцовском районе

Экскаватор Истра

Экскаватор Истра

Аренда экскаватора в Истре и Истринском районе

Экскаватор Звенигород

Экскаватор Звенигород

Аренда экскаватора в Звенигороде по низким ценам

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