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Cleaning, removal and disposal of snow (Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Istra)

 Each season has its pros and cons, and you have to take them for granted: there is no ideally comfortable summer for everyone without sweltering heat, mosquitoes, horseflies and midges; there is no autumn without slush and heavy rains - and in most of Russia, winter rarely does without snow. Snow cover is associated with sledding and skiing, children's entertainment and New Year's holidays.

 However, snow has the most unpleasant property - it melts only in spring, and all snowdrifts accumulated over a long winter quickly turn into water flows that interfere with movement and can even harm structures: wash out roads, flood foundations buildings and more. Therefore, during the winter it is important not only to clear roads, sidewalks and parking lots from snow drifts - snow must be regularly removed and disposed of like garbage.

 The space around office buildings and shopping centers that is clean not only from snow, but also from snowdrifts is an additional confirmation of the success and prestige of the organization, which speaks of respect for its employees, visitors and customers.

Вывоз снега Красногорск

Вывоз снега Красногорск

Уборка, вывоз и утилизация снега в Красногорске по низким ценам от компании ТрансСтрой-М

Вывоз снега Красногорский район

Вывоз снега Красногорский район

Вывоз снега в Красногорском районе по низким ценам от компании ТрансСтрой-М


 If regular snow removal of the necessary areas does not cause difficulties for most organizations, then loading and transporting large snow masses to special landfills can become quite a serious problem. The activity of the TransStroy-M company is aimed at helping you solve these problems: the snow removal equipment of our company is always ready for action, and qualified employees are always ready to manage it - therefore, you can order the loading and transportation of snow from the site regardless of the time of day, even on weekends and holidays! Agree - the cost of getting rid of serious problems with movement and lack of parking spaces is incomparable with the price of maintaining and maintaining the reputation of an organization where there are no problems with parking and driving in any snowfall.

 LLC "TransStroy-M" has been exporting and disposing of snow in Moscow and the Moscow region for several years: Krasnogorsk, Istra, Odintsovo - the remoteness of the object for our company does not matter. A large number of units of reliable special equipment for cleaning, loading and removal of snow masses, allow us to maintain the efficiency and productivity of the company at the highest possible level, without emergency work and unnecessary fuss.

 Snow removal services are provided both on a contractual basis - and in the order of single orders, and the cost of removal from facilities in Moscow or located in Istra, Odintsovo or Krasnogorsk practically does not change - the prices for our company's services are quite democratic: ordering the transportation of 1m3 of snow mass will cost:

 225 rubles/1m3, using loading equipment, including Komatsu 93S excavators;

 200 rub./ 1m3 - without the use of loading equipment.

 Snow is transported using KamAZ and Scania dump trucks, discounts are provided for large volumes of work (with loading). Bonuses are provided for both regular and corporate clients.

 It should be clarified that snow removal works are not included in this list. However, our company provides the opportunity to rent a snowplow tractor - with its help you can independently clear the surrounding area from snow, significantly saving time and reducing the cost of paying for third-party services.


Вывоз снега с погрузкой
Уборка снега Красногорск
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