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Construction waste removal in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and Istra districts


 Moscow  is a dynamically developing metropolis that is rapidly expanding its borders. A characteristic feature of modern cities is the increase in the pace and volume of construction of new facilities, as well as the improvement of the architecture of existing areas through the demolition of obsolete structures and the construction of modern buildings. The capital is not an exception in this regard, but rather serves as a clear example of such changes: buildings that have no historical value are demolished, new comfortable houses, schools, shopping centers grow in their place. Moreover, high rates of construction are inherent not only in Moscow, but also in many cities of the Moscow region, for example, Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo or Istra.

 Timely removal of construction debris is not a whim

 The process of building a new house is accompanied by a large amount of work at all stages: from preparing the construction site, digging a foundation pit and ending with the commissioning of the finished building. It should be noted that all stages of construction are accompanied by the formation and accumulation of a huge amount of construction waste at the facility: soil, reinforcement, packaging materials, building materials waste, etc. - clutter entails a slowdown in construction, limiting the availability of the facility for supply, the movement of building materials and the movement of special equipment. Therefore, timely removal of waste from the construction site is important.

 To organize the removal of construction waste, the developer needs to spend a lot of money and time:


  •  Issuance of a license for the removal and disposal of construction scrap to a special landfill - disposal of construction waste at a regular landfill for household waste is not possible; at this stage, a separate permit for the transport and disposal of hazardous waste may be required;


  •  Allocation or hiring of units of special equipment for loading operations (excavators or loaders);


  •  Organization of transportation of construction waste by dump trucks specially equipped for this purpose - for oversized cargo and bulk materials; separately - for the transport of dangerous goods (moreover, drivers must have an ADR permit).


Work for professionals

 Most construction organizations, not wanting to incur additional costs and time costs for the purchase of licenses and special equipment, resort to the services of specialized companies. However, we should not forget the fact that in case of non-compliance with the rules of transportation and environmental control requirements, the responsibility lies with both companies - the customer and the contractor. In this case, the experience and professionalism of the company that removes construction waste is especially important: the availability of licenses and other necessary documentation, a sufficient number of excavators, dump trucks, other pieces of special equipment, as well as a large team of experienced workers.

 TransStroy-M LLC is just such a company. We are engaged in the removal and disposal of all types of waste. Among our partners are companies with various forms of ownership, conducting various types of activities not only in Moscow, but throughout the Moscow region: Istra, Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk - the quality of our work does not depend on the remoteness of the object. By concluding an agreement for the removal of construction waste with our company, you will significantly save your time and money, avoiding sanctions from environmental authorities and getting rid of garbage that interferes with your work in time.


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