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The main problems faced by 95% of concrete customers

1. Delivery of concrete on time

It often happens that the application for concrete arrived on time, but the mixers are not visible at the facility. This happens due to the delay of concrete mixers at the site or poor traffic control if the mixers do not have GPS tracking.


2. Underload of concrete

This is problem number 2. The absence of a weighing station in the plant leads to a loss of control over the loaded mixers. As a rule, underload claims result in incorrect calculations being made by the foreman and not underload by the plant.


3. Bad concrete

The plant saved on the technologist and the concrete immediately goes of poor quality. The absence of a laboratory is another proof of the poor composition of the concrete mix.


4. Poor capacity of concrete plant

At the height of the season, everyone needs concrete, and if you have a small order, the factory will fill it at the very end of the queue. Productivity is 80 cubic meters per hour, mixers take a long time to load, others have not returned yet, there are not enough mixers, it is almost impossible to find hired mixers during the season. Wait only by the sea for weather and terrorize dispatchers who cannot influence the situation in any way.



5. Woe to drivers and operators of ABN

A concrete pump arrives - and Opa ... and there is a person driving who does not understand a word in Russianand does not understand how to properly organize the work. So explain to him where and how to properly apply the concrete mixture. One mixer will have to be unloaded all day long.


Concrete plant in Krasnogorskwithout any problems!





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