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Buy sand in Moscow 

Купить песок карьерный в Москве
Доставка песка в Москву
Песок карьерный Москва

It is easy to order quarry sand in Moscow, call us, we will be happy to cooperate.

What is quarry sand? This is a free-flowing mixture of natural origin, which consists of many grains ranging in size from 0.15-5 millimeters. This material was formed from rocks in the process of their destruction, and its extraction is carried out using specialized equipment.

Since quarry sand is characterized by a heterogeneous structure, according to this parameter it is divided into several varieties:

1) fine-grained;

2) medium-grained;

3) coarse. 

Sorting of the material is carried out using special automatic sieves during its processing. Quarry sand contains a large amount of calcium, clay, silt and many other impurities, which has a significant impact on its value. The price also reflects the performance of additional cleaning procedures. 

Quarry sand is used in various road and construction works, especially at the initial stages. It is indispensable in the construction of industrial and residential buildings, the arrangement of screeds and the performance of plastering and puttying works. Quarry sand is one of the most important components of most reinforced concrete structures, building mixtures and mortars.

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