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Sand delivery in Zvenigorod

Sand is one of the most popular building materials. It is used in a wide variety of jobs in the construction industry. Sand is necessary for the creation of paved roads, for the construction of any buildings for residential and commercial purposes, for arranging courtyards and private households, wells, sidewalks. This is due to the fact that sand is a necessary component in the preparation of cement mortar, which is widely used for foundations, brick, block and any other masonry, paving slabs, and finishing works.


Sand is also a critical raw material in the work of concrete, glass factories and other industrial enterprises.

Sand for construction purposes is divided by origin into two types: natural and artificial. Artificial is also sometimes called rock or quarry sand. It is extracted by sifting fine particles during open pit mining. It contains quite a lot of various minerals and particles of organic origin, thereforebuyhisin Zvenigorodcan significantlycheaper, howriver, and especiallywashed sand. Mountain sand is used in the zero cycle of construction.

Disadvantages of quarry sandobvious. It often contains a large amount of foreign fractions: clay, dust, and other impurities. Sand of this type is often used for rough finishing work, as well as in the production of reinforced concrete products. Ifquarry sandsubjected to a washing procedure (by a hydromechanized method), then its quality will increase significantly, and the material will move into the category of washed sand. At the same time, of course, the price also increases proportionally, since additional processing is not cheap.

As for river sand, it is used in a mixture with various dyes for finishing work. This is a higher quality material, which makes sense to order if higher quality is important to you - for example, for the renovation of residential premises.

How to order sand in Zvenigorod

"Stroy Alfa" provides its customers in the cityZvenigorod sand of the highest quality,all kindsand suitable for use in any construction work.

The assortment includes:

  • Coarse sand

  • seeded sand

  • Quarry sand

  • washed sand

  • river pesoTo

The price per cubic meter of sand is determined based on its type, degree of purification and size of fractions.

"Stroy Alfa" provides a service in Zvenigorod "Sand delivery”, which is in regular demand among regular customers, including large construction companies. Individuals and legal entities can also buy sand with delivery for any purpose - building a house or outbuildings on their land, landscaping, repair and finishing work in residential buildings and apartments, organizing sidewalks and car parks, etc.Sand deliverycarried out in a timely manner and at very attractive prices. The quality of our products is at the highest level, as evidenced by the positive feedback from partners.

Prices for sand with delivery in Zvenigorod

Песок карьерный

550 руб./м3

Песок сеяный

650 руб./м3

Песок мытый

650 руб./м3

Песок крупный (мытый)

850 руб./м3

Песок речной

970 руб./м3

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