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Production and sale of concrete in the Istra region at low prices

Our service includes not only the production and sale of concrete, but also its delivery to the site using a mixer. Delivery of concrete by a mixer is considered optimal from the point of view of preserving all the properties of the mixture and its commercial qualities. In the Istra region, prices for concrete are indicated below andvalidfrom 03/01/2015 

Бетон М100 В7,5 П3 F75 W2

3000 руб./м3

Бетон М150 В12,5 П4 F75 W2

3150 руб./м3

Бетон М200 В15 П4 F100 W4

3400 руб./м3

Бетон М250 В20 П4 F150 W4

3500 руб./м3

Бетон М300 В22,5 П4 F150 W6

3700 руб./м3

Бетон М350 В25 П4 F200 W8

3800 руб./м3

Бетон М400 В30 П4 F200 W10 (Гранитный)

4300 руб./м3

Бетон М450 В35 П4 F300 W10 (гранитный)

4700 руб./м3

Где используют

Бетон М500 В40 П4 F300 W12 (гранитный)

4900 руб./м3

Керамзитобетон М100 В7,5 П3 F50 W2 D1200

3500 руб./м3

Керамзитобетон М150 В10 П3 F50 W2 D1300

3650 руб./м3

Керамзитобетон М200 В12,5 П3 F50 W2 D1300

3800 руб./м3


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Fast delivery of concretedirectly from the manufacturer is one of the conditions for successful and high-quality construction. In the Istra region, it is most convenient to order concrete from the TransStroy-M LLC plant. Unlike resellers and one-day firms, TransStroy-M LLC guarantees excellentqualityproducts. This plant, which knows well howIstra, as well as other cities of the region, specializes in the production ofconcrete, combining the breadth of the range (which includes almost all brands of mortar) with decent technical equipment. By delivering concrete to any address in Istra and the region, TransStroy-M LLC saves not only money, but also the time of its customers.

5 reasons to buy concrete from TransStroy-M LLC

1. Delivery.

Ordering concrete from this manufacturer means both high quality and fast delivery. There is no need to search for a special machine and organize transportation on your own: the seller takes care of all the trouble, who is ready to deliver the solution that retains the required viscosity using a special mixer.Concretetransported to the construction siteto Istraimmediately after its manufacture.


2. Purchase online.


The ability to order online allows you to avoid a tedious trip to the factory and save time. To purchase concrete, one call or letter is enough indicatingconcrete grades, the required volume, terms and place of delivery.


3. Low prices.


 Direct, without intermediaries, the sale of concrete is the key to favorable prices for both the mortar itself and delivery along with additional services.


4. Quality control.


 OOO "TransStroy-M" carefully monitors compliance with building standards, checking each batch of mortar in its laboratory. If the control detects a defect, such concrete will never reach the consumer. The plant is proud of its reputation as an excellent manufacturer and does everything to ensure that the products are impeccable.


5. The breadth of the range. Whatever concrete you are not interested in - from M 100 (B 7.5)


up to M 500 (B 40), you can be sure that it will be found in  TransStroy-M LLC.

Who benefits from buying concrete at TransStroy-M LLC

The plant's products are designed primarily for construction companies, but a large part of the buyers are private developers. If you want to build a house, a garage, a bathhouse, in other words, any structure where concrete is required, contacting TransStroy-M LLC will be the right decision.

 Concrete can also be bought:


a) utilities;


b) housing and communal services;


c) decorating companies;


d) enterprises engaged in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products.

How is the purchase

Having decided on the brand and the required amount of concrete, you contact the manager by phone or via e-mail and place an order and pay. When placing an order, please note that:


a) it must be done a day (at least) before construction work;


b) there are restrictions on the volume of the order;


c) delivery of concrete is paid separately (in Istra, its minimum price starts from 2800 rub).


 The cost of transportation depends primarily on the distance, but in any case it will cost much less than renting a mixer for self-export of the solution, not to mention the extra charges of intermediaries.

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