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Concrete paving slabs in Krasnogorsk

Antique pavers are the forerunner of paving slabs. As a rule, it was made from natural rock materials, so it was distinguished by high strength and wear resistance, but at the same time it had a lot of drawbacks. It was expensive, and outwardly it did not look neat, as it was uneven. Today, paving slabs are produced at high-tech factories, so they are simply devoid of these shortcomings.

The main advantage of paving slabs over paving stones is a flat surface, which gives the road a more aesthetic appearance and convenience. Modern tiles can be produced in various colors, thanks to which you can achieve a pleasant contrast with the usual gray asphalt. If you need a variant of a neutrally dark tile, as a rule, Portland cement is added to it during manufacture. This tile gets the color of natural stone. White cement can be decorated with any color, so the whole organization is only your imagination.

To reduce the final cost of multi-colored concrete tiles, you can use the method of surface pigmentation, which does not reduce the final aesthetics of the laid coating. Such material is usually made from cement grades 450 and 600, since a high strength index is often required.

For the manufacture of paving slabs, special equipment is often used called a vibrating table, and the manufacturing process itself takes place by casting and pressing.

First, the desired form is installed on the vibrating table, into which the concrete mixture is poured. Under the action of vibration, the mixture is compacted, reaching the desired performance. But this method has disadvantages. In particular, the main components of the concrete mixture are rather unevenly distributed, which leads to a sharp loss of strength indicators. That is why today the vast majority of manufacturers are trying to switch to more profitable methods of making tiles.

Another method of making concrete tiles is pressing with a vibrating table. With this option, the mixture is pressed by a special piston, which is attached to the mixture matrix. Thus, a higher material density is achieved, thereby increasing the strength of the finished paving slab.

But progress is moving forward, so another method is gaining more and more popularity - without vibration pressing. It is often chosen because it is able to significantly increase productivity, which is important in today's world with a constant increase in demand for building materials.

Delivery in Krasnogorsk and Krasnogorsk region in 2 hours! 

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