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Use of rubble

When the rock is crushed with the help of special equipment, small pieces are formed, which are called crushed stone. A granular and free-flowing material obtained by crushing from stone or similar elements, such gravel finds use almost everywhere. Crushed stone is obtained from limestone, granite, methods of recycling building materials, such as concrete and brick, can be used. Secondary crushed stone is gaining more and more popularity due to its low price.


Crushed stone has a density of about 1.5, 3 grams per cubic centimeter. The production of crushed stone is not a complex process. For example, blasted blocks are divided into small stones, which are crushed to obtain the material of the desired grain size. Fragments obtained by this method may not differ in an even shape. It is necessary to monitor the flakiness in order to exclude defective material from the main batch of processed crushed stone.

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In the construction industry, crushed stone is widely used. So, for example, the manufacture of concrete requires the use of crushed stone as a filling material. In the construction of foundations, crushed stone is also used as a backfill, or as a filler. In reinforced concrete structures, crushed stone is also used. The homogeneity of crushed stone and the quality of its production will largely determine the further life of this material. And also the quality will affect the way crushed stone is used in the construction business.


If you need an unpretentious, undemanding building material for storage, then you need to purchase crushed stone. If you need a material that is durable and reliable, a material with a long service life, then crushed stone should be purchased. For complex work, for the arrangement of railway embankments, in the formation of the roadbed, for use in the embankment of garden paths, crushed stone should be used.

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