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The use of crushed stone in Krasnogorsk

Crushed stone is considered a non-metallic and loose material formed by crushing hard rocks of various sizes. In order to extract crushed stone, the rock is blown up in a quarry, achieving a certain fraction.

Several requirements are imposed on it: fraction (size), strength, the presence of impurities and the composition of the “grains”. Crushed stone is widely used as a filler in the creation of reinforced concrete structures for artistic casting in architecture, the creation of concrete blocks, the construction of bridges and the construction of road surfaces.

Everything happensthree types of rubble:

-granite. Due to its high frost resistance, strength, density, small volume of water absorbed and low moisture evaporation, it is the most common type of gravel. The indicators by which the quality of gravel is determined are the fraction, density, compressive strength grade and the presence of needle-shaped elements in the placer. This type of gravel allows the creation of higher quality roads. It is laid as the basis for highways, used in the manufacture of concrete and laying the foundation for large buildings.

Rubble Krasnogorsk

-gravel. The most common natural crushed stone, made of gravel - rounded stones of sea or river origin. Possesses high frost resistance and durability. It is used for arranging coatings and foundations for paths and platforms, added to concrete and reinforced concrete products, and filled to create a railway track.

-Limestone. It has the lowest cost and the highest prevalence. It includes stones of white, reddish, yellowish and brown color. It all depends on impurities. Basically, it is calcite (calcium carbonate). It is most often used in the national economy as a flux - Portland cement is made from it for the production of soda and mineral fertilizers. It also gives the glass thermal resistance.


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